Child Fishing

Notes On Fish Oil Dosage On Pregnancy When pregnant, a woman has to be keen enough and be watchful on all foods, beverages, medicines, and others that she will take in.  Anything that you ingest should surely affect not only your health as the mother but as well as your unborn child inside your womb.  […]

Magnetic Fishing

The Features Of The Rare Earth Magnets Though most people may not be aware of it, but rare earth magnets have been benefitting us since their discovery. They are used in almost every gadget that you may have. Rare earth magnets were discovered and developed during the 70s and 80s. And after that, they ended […]

Fishing Ruler

What are these objects geometric name? 1) Die (pair of dice): 2) Tomb of Egyptian rulers: 3) Stop sign: 4) Birthplace of a bee (hive): 5) U.S miltary headquarters: 6) Can of tuna fish: Some examples: A “Holder for a scoop of ice cream” would be a Cone. Or a box of breakfast cereal would […]

Fishing Squid

Helpful tips for squid fishing ? Pls tell me all the tips for squid fishing such as the method of trolling , the movement of my rod and what i should do. Thanks. If possible , give me the website as well. Thanks alot:) Squid travel in schools and will eat just about anything. Probably […]

Fishing Trophy

Late Season Monster Northern Pike Fishing Feeling the sweet brisk fall breeze being out in the open waters is what every man dreams of. The first cast, the first fish, the first smell of landing that gigantic northern pike. Feeling the line torpedo off like a cannon shooting a cannonball while your hanging on for […]

Fishing Lures Spinners

Bass Fishing lures and stuff? I am an intermediate fisher and I want to know what kind of stuff should I use to catch some nice Rock or Smallmouth Bass. I used to use live bait but now I am trying jigs and spinners. Any advice? and any suggestion on colors use lures that mimic […]

Pole Fishing

How to make a fishing pole out of candy? I need to figure out how to make a miniature fishing pole (to put on a cake) out of different candies Candy cigarettes (penny/dime/dollar store) or fondant homemade is easiest.. Or twizzlers, or tootsie rolls. A beginner’s guide to starting pole fishing   30 Rod Spinning […]

Fishing Spoons

Selecting the Right Trout Fishing Lure A fishing lure is any object which is a close imitation of a life fishing bait. There are tons of lure types and styles that you can choose from, depending on your fishing situation, types of fish and its behavior, location of rivers, lakes, weather, method of fishing and […]

Backpacking Fishing Pole

The Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Survival Readiness Pyramid Emergency preparedness is a noble endeavor, one that every individual should be engaged in. But, in order to make it an efficient pursuit, it shouldn’t be performed haphazardly. Many people start out with good intentions, but are misguided in their preparedness and food storage activities. They have […]